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Deluxe Kayak Trailer

Kayak trailer with all the extras at an discounted price

the deluxe kayak trailer come with all the available extras offered for the standard model but at a discounted price.

Deluxe Kayak Trailer: Feature

Trailer specifications

The following items come fitted to the deluxe trailer.

Bradley hitch

The following Bradley coupling/hitch can be added to the standard trailer. This Bradley hitch offers the ability to be locked making the trailer more secure. The hitch is capable of holding 750kg and is casted. Bradley hitch quality is unmatched.


Indespension axles

All trailers come fitted with Indespension axles which allow for smooth towing of trailers behind the car and protection of kayaks and equipment.



All trailers come fitted with mudguards. Type subject to availability on shelves.



All trailers come fitted with proper road legal 14" rim 4 stud trailer tires.


Deluxe wiring kit

The deluxe wiring kit includes the following:

  • Removable Suzie cable

  • Led tail lights

  • Led side marker lights

the different arrays of led lights can be seen below in the image gallery along with the Suzie cable.


Jockey wheel

A jockey wheel allows for easily handling of the trailer once detached from the car. Allows for easy attaching and detatching from and to the car.

Deluxe Kayak Trailer: Features

Optional Additional extras

The following items can be added respective of their additional costs to the deluxe trailer.

Spare wheel and bracket

Spare wheel and bracket can be stored on the trailer in the event of an emergency an need for tire change.


Storage box

A storage box can be fitted to all trailers to suit storage of life jackets, paddles etc. Two storage boxes are offered one medium sized aluminium dry storage box for storage of valuables and a large mesh storage box for the storage of wet equipment and kayak equipment. Both boxes are lockable


Wireless storage box light

A led light can be placed inside the storage box which can be controlled using a fob for work in dark environments. The light can be switched on and off.


Rubber buffers for racks

thick rubber strips can be added to the racks to prevent damage from occurring to kayaks.

Deluxe Kayak Trailer: Features
Deluxe Kayak Trailer: Pro Gallery

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